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VIDEO: Sole Foundation 94 At Agenda Show NYC

Sole foundation 94

Ahmad Bennett had a booth setup for his company Sole Foundation 94 at the Agenda Show. He had all kinds of cool old school and vintage collectibles that he accumulated over the years on display. Ahmad give Crazy Al Cayne a little tour of his booth where they checked out some sneakers, collectible cereal boxes, toys, clothing, hats, cup and even collectible soda cans.

Ahmad will be opening a store front this summer in the DMV area. Make sure you check out the Sole Foundation Website to see more products and info on the new store.

About Sole Foundation 94
Sole Foundation94 has passion for securing the latest releases as well as vintage collectibles. We pride ourselves in providing the best shopping experience to our customers and it shows with every return shopper. If you have any issues with our products, services, or need help to secure a hard to find shoe, please reach out and we will promptly be at your service.
Sole foundation 94, agenda nyc

Sole foundation 94

Sole foundation 94, agenda

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