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Top ranked Bikes Chart
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Welcome to the Sugar Cayne “Top Ranked Bikes Chart”!! This chart shows how each “Bike Of The Day” is ranked against all the other Bike Of The Day entries. This is a new and exciting addition to our site and we can’t wait to see the entries we get for this series.

In addition to this chart we have a “Bike Of The Month” competition based of the rantings of the bikes entered each month for the “Bike Of The Day”. All the rating are linked together….pretty cool! 🙂

You can click on any of the images below to go to the page where you can rate the select bike.
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SugarCayne is about the love of all things BMX, Underground HipHop, Comic Book, designer toys, street wear and action sports wear related. It's the first website of it's kind to curate and produce original content featuring these cultures and lifestyles in one place. We represent for the open-mined people who live within some or all of these cultures


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