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U.S. Marine Lyrical pays tribute to fallen Marines in Morocco (Video Submission)

My name is Lyrical(Carlos Rojas)
IM a U.S. Marine who was in Morocco when the accident occurred that killed Cpl. Reyes & Cpl. Kerns.  I made this video for them     ; 

Here’s the description from Lyrical’s Youtube Channel:

REST IN PEACE MARINES we lost some marines the other night, i wrote this thinking about them
Walking the streets of Africa, these massacres occur so unexpected / the other night some Marines died, never be resurrected / everyone got a day & time, nothing in lifes perfected / there familys cry, these are the times we see life in perspective / the purpose for the hurting, these modern day disasters / i wish that i could call it, i feel no one would answer / prayers for the dead but they live on as we continue fightn / these are my brothers, this is fam we stand as one united / for all Marines who witnessed death but just couldnt escape / may the Lords angels give you peace, and guide you to his gates AMEN – Lyrical 4/12/12 Dedicated to Cpl.Kerns and Cpl.Reyes

Carlos Rojas, Lyrical, Marine

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