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Pete Rock And Andre Leroy Davis Meet At DJ-Con

Another great moment from DJ-Con “Mt. Vernon Remix” was when HipHop Legend Pete Rock came through to show love. Pete was an award recipient at this year event. In this clip Kev Lawrence gives him a big shout out as well as Dj Charlemagne. Pete Rock salutes his home town of Mt. Vernon and his cousin the late, great Heavy D.

Then DJ-Con creator Curtis Sherrod introduces Pete Rock to another HipHop Legend, Andre’ Leroy Davis. Andre is the man behind “The Last Word” illustrations in the Source Magazine. Andre and Curtis presented Pete with that classic Last Word illustration of Him and C.L. Smooth from back in the day.
Photos from the event HERE

pete-rock-c-l-smooth, last word illustration
Check out all the classic “The Last Word” Illustration HERE

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