2022 top bmx race bikes
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2022 Top Rated BMX Race Bikes List

It’s 2022 and I’ve started posting this years stock complete BMX racing bikes. This is the official Sugar Cayne chart list page! These are complete bikes that are available and ready to go out the box. There are no frames or incomplete bikes on this list.

The bikes are ranked according to the PEOPLE’S REVIEW SCORES. The higher the score, the higher the bikes are ranked. It’s all up to the viewers to rate a bike and make it go up or down the chart. Bikes are rated on their color, originality, parts and overall style.

For this list I’ll only be listing one complete 20″ Pro size of model from each brand. If there’re more than one pro model(not size) from a particular brand, I’ll also post those too. I’ll be doing a separate list for 24″ BMX cruisers in the future.

(1.26.2022) This list will grow until I get all the 2022 BMX racing completes listed.

Click on any of the images below to find out more details on the selected bike and rate it.

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