KUROSAWA 2GO Art Toys By JT Studios X Quiccs

JT Studio and QUICCS linked up for this creative collaboration with the brand-new Kurosawa 2GO 8″ art toys. JT Studio’s vision of QUICCS’ Ghost of Kurosawa, the Bulletpunk warrior, is filled with his signature street style!

The playful 2GO versions of Ghost of Kurosawa feature a futuristic style sword, holstered spray can, waist bag and a skateboard that looks like it’s also the case for the sword. Pretty cool! And lets not forget those dope Hi-Top Adidas these figures are rocking!

I love the mix of streetwear fashion, HipHop and skate cultures mixed together on these pieces. They’re available in both Original (black/red/white) and White Ghost editions.

Find out more about these awesome figures on JT Studio and QUICCS’ Bulletpunk websites!

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