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Top 10 29 Inch BMX Bikes!! “Battle Of The 29ners”

This is our official Top 10 29 Inch BMX Bikes chart page. I’m calling it “The Battle Of The 29ners”. I know, I know, most people refer to them as “Wheelie Bikes” nowadays but we know that these bike are meant for more than just wheelies. They’re just big BMX bikes……ahhh… but that’s a conversation for another day. 🙂 Anyways, I’ll be adding the current and upcoming 2021 29 inch BMX bikes to this chart and there are A Lot of them to list. You can click on each of the bikes in the chart below to goto their article where you can give them a rating based on color, parts, originality and overall style. Your rating will decide if a bike goes up or down in the ranking. I’ll be adding more bikes to this list so keep checking back to this page to see the latest updates and changes.

Bikes Featured On The List:

  • Cult Devotion
  • GT Pro Performer
  • SE Bikes DBlocks Flyer
  • SE Fast Ripper
  • SE Big Ripper (Blue)
  • Dyno Pro Compe LTD
  • Zeronine Works
  • Stolen Max
  • Sunday High C
  • Supercross SX250
  • 2021 Haro “Pistol”
  • 2021 Haro Slo Ride
  • Radio Bikes Legion
  • 2021 Stolen Max
  • Thruster 79 Special

The Battle Of The 29ners Chart

Although this is a top 10 chart, this list will show all the bikes entered in their order of rank based on users votes. Click on the images below to rate the bikes, then come back to this page to see if you made any changes to the rank order.

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stolen max 29 bmx bike

2021 Stolen Brand MAX 29″ BMX Complete.

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