leopard print adidas superstars

Adidas Originals Superstar Kicks in Leopard Print

Adidas Originals made these Leopard print Superstars exclusively for Atmos. These kicks are flashy, ugly and fun at the same time lol. Whenever I see out of the box style kicks like these I always think about doing a wild BMX photoshoot featuring them. I wouldn’t wear them as my everyday kicks but for a photo shoot, heck yeah I’ll rock em lol 😉

Adidas superstars leopard print sneakers

These Superstars feature a pony Harako hair finish with a leopard print on the upper, a sturdy black outsole which is great for pedal mashing and black toe-box. The three stripes come with their traditional jagged edges and the gold branding tags on the tongue and heels are a nice added touch

Adidas superstars leopard print

You can get your feet in these Adidas Superstars leopard print kicks exclusively from atmos for approximately $130 USD.

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