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Top 10 BMX Race Bikes, 2021 Chart

I’m making the 2021 Top 10 BMX Race Bikes list more interactive this time around. Now you can select each bike listed in the chart below, go to it’s article page and give it your own rating. Your rating will decide if a bike goes up or down in the ranking. I’ll be adding more bikes to this list so keep checking back to this page see the latest updates and changes.

This list will consist of mostly Pro level BMX racing completes. Most of the bikes on this list are part of a full line of models in the same series. Some are available in Micro size all the way to 24″ cruiser sizes. But for this article I’ll focus on the Pro XL and XXL models.

The Bikes: (In no particular order)

This is the list of the bikes featured on the chart. The actual chart is below this list

dk zenith 2021 bmx bike

DK Zenith XXL $1599.99

  • Hydroformed 6061 AL frame 
  • Sliding flat mount disc brakes
  • Internal cable routing
  • Carbon Forks, Tapered head tube
  • Top Tube: 21.5″, Head Tube: 74  
  • Chain Stay: 15″, BB Height 11.1″
DK Professional bmx complete

DK Professional XXL $1399.99

  • Hydroformed 6061 AL frame
  • Internal Cable Routing
  • Box Carbon X5 Forks,
  • Chromoly Bars
  • BB height: 11.1″, Top Tube 21.5″
  • Head Tube: 74, Chain Stay: 15″
haro blackout bmx racing bike

Haro Blackout XXL $999.99

  • 6061 Series Alloy PTC Disc Frame,
  • Tapered Headset, BB86
  • Internal cable routing
  • Carbon Forks, Cro-mo Bars
  • BB Height: 11.5″, Head Tube: 74
  • Top Tube: 21.5″, Chain Stay: 15.2″
Sunn Royal Factory BMX race bicycle

Sunn Royal Factory XXL $2183.52

  • Alloy 6069, Edge Tubing,
  • Sunn Carbon T800 HM Forks
  • Box One bars, Disc Frame
  • BOX 2 Cranks(177mm),
  • TopTube: 22″, Chain Stay: 15.3″
  • Head Tube: 74, BB Height: 11.5″
chase element 2021 bmx bike

Chase Element XXL $1249.99

  • 7005 T6 Alloy Hydroformed
  • Enclosed rear dropouts,
  • Disc Brakes, Press Fit 68/73mm
  • Integrated Chain tensioners
  • Carbon Answer Dagger Forks
  • 31.8 Stem & Bars
  • Top Tube 21.5″, Chain Stay: 14.5″
  • BB Height: 11.5″, Head Tube: 74
2021 gt speed series

GT Speed Series XXL $1000

  • 6061-T6 AL, 100% Cr-Mo GT Forks
  • Quick Change Disc Dropouts,BB86,
  • 100% Cr-Mo GT Forks,
  • Promax Hydro Disc brakes
  • GT Forged Alloy 2pc., 175mm
  • TopTube: 21.75″, Headtube: 74
  • Chain Stays: 15.43, BB: 11.3″
se pk ripper super 2021

SE Bikes PK Ripper Elite XL $899.99

  • 6066 aluminum
  • floval top tube, Bi-Oval down tube,
  • Tapered rear stays, 180mm Cranks
  • PF30 bottom bracket,
  • 20mm rear dropouts
  • built-in chain tensioners
  • TopTube: 21″, Headtube: 74
  • Chainstay: 14.3, BB Height 11.5″
sunn royal finest 2021

Sunn Royal Finest $1,333.91

  • Alloy 6061, Edge Tubing
  • Sunn Carbon T800 HM AXIS Forks
  • BOX Three Cranks
  • Top Tube: 22″, Headtube angle 74
  • Chain Stay: 15.35″, BB Height 11.5″
Radio Bikes Quartz

Radio Quartz XXL (Price??)

  • Hydroformed 6061 T6 alloy,
  • Tapered headtube, forged dropouts
  • Int. chain tensioners
  • Hydraulic disc brake, BSA24 BB
  • TopTube: 21.75″, Chain Stay: 15.25″
  • Head Tube Angle 74, BB: 11.6″

meybo holeshot 2021 bmx bike

Meybo Holeshot Pro 22 $1333.91

  • Box One X2 Carbon Forks
  • SD cr-mo 8″ pro Handlebar
  • SD Wave Disc 120mm
  • SD Bengal Hydraulic Lever
  • TopTube: 22″, Chainstay: 15.2″
  • Headtube Angle 74,
polygon razor elite bmx bike

Polygon Razor Elite XL $999

  • AL6 Frame
  • Box Carbon Forks
  • Heat Tube Angle: 74
  • TopTube: 22.1″ Chain Stay: 14.3″
  • BB Height: 10.9″
Free agent team limo 2020

Free Agent Team Limo XXL $1359

  • 6061 Aluminum Double Butted
  • Q2 Team Carbon Forks
  • Euro BB, 180mm Cranks
  • Top Tube: 21.5″, Head Tube: 74
  • Chain Stay: 15.3″, BB: 11.2″

Avent orca 2021

Avent Orca Carbon $3190

  • Torray 800 high modulus carbon
  • F18 carbon fork
  • Bombshell CS Carbon Wheels
  • Bombshell Rachet Cranks
  • Bombshell RL5 Stem
  • Bombshell 3D bars

In Case I Forgot Any…

I have a whole bunch of bikes that will be added to this chart but incase I miss any, please post them in the comments below so I can add them to the list. I’m looking to list 2021 racing completes from all countries.

2021 Top BMX Race Bike Chart

This chart is live! You can click on the image of each bike. That will take you to their article page where you can rate them and see more photos and details. After you rate them come back to this page(Refresh the page too) and see if any bikes moved up, down or stayed in the same ranking position. It’ll be up to you to give them all a rating and decide which bike is #1.

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