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Old School HipHop & BMXers Complain Too Much Meme

We’re gonna try to keep this short because the meme says it all but we ‘ll say it again Old School HipHop & BMXers Complain Too dam Much!!!

BMX And Hip Hop have been around for pretty much same amount of years, both were created as a tangible alternative to their main stream counterparts. They even crossed paths early on when flatland BMX freestyling was compared to break dancing in the early 80’s. Both HipHop and BMX’s “Golden Era’s” were more or less during the same time.

Anyways let’s fast forward to today, the old guard has since moved on from riding BMX, some stuck around and some are even getting back into it. Same thing with HipHop, a lot of the old heads moved on, some stuck around and some are getting back into it. And now with social media everyone has a voice and with that everyone has an opinion…. and we all know what they say about opinions 😉

And with social media especially with Facebook what we’re seeing more often than not is the old school, “golden era” HipHop Heads and Old School BMXers complaining about the current state of their respective cultures. With HipHop the complaint is mostly with regard  to Underground/Real HipHop or the alleged lack of and with BMX it mostly towards the racing side of the sport.

Throughout the coarse of both cultures/industries we’ve seen a lot of changes and trends but roots to both are fully intact. With HipHop these days there’s actually a resurgence of what we consider real, underground, boom bap, “golden era” HipHop. You just have to know where to look to find it……part of the reason we call it underground in the first place 😉

With BMX racing it’s more of a complaint of preferences between the new style of bikes and tracks vs the old

Now we are part of both cultures, we grew up living these cultures from early on, and the parallels are as clear as day…..The old school head are always complaining about it but aren’t really in it. There are people who haven’t been active in years but will be the first to complain whenever they get the chance. Or you get folks who are still involved but just refuse to accept the changes and newness…

Anyways we put a short list  of examples of some of the tired ass complaints we’ve been hearing.

  • Back in the day BMXers complained that there was too much pedaling and not enough jumps Now those same BMXers complain there’s not enough pedaling……WHAT??
  • Some OS HipHop Heads stopped listening to HipHop back in the late 90’s but have the nerve to say there’s no good HipHop out these days……..COME ON SUN!!!
  • We heard OS BMXers say pump tracks are stupid………YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS!!!
  • Even when a good new HipHop song comes out, some OS HipHop Heads hate on it anyway
  • OS BMXers complain about clipless pedals……like they have to wear them at races…..smh….not true!
  • Some OS HipHop heads only listen to the radio and claim real HipHop is dead but can’t even tell you who 9th Wonder is.
  • Some OS BMXers don’t even race but constantly complain about today’s BMX racing scene…..smh

The list goes on an on….and on lol and we know it’s not just the old school heads either but we’ll save that for another post and another meme 😉

What are your thoughts on this? Tell us some HipHop or BMX complaints you’ve  heard in the comments below.

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