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Ghost of Kurosawa 1:6 Scale Action Figures [Artist-Proof Edition]

Quiccs just released his latest action figure masterpieces, “The Ghost of Kurosawa”. These are the 1:6th scale “Artist Proof” edition figures and they’re awesome! We love how Quiccs blends streetwear fashion and HipHop culture to these figures with the addition of the Addias hitop silhouettes and spray cans. I bet you the Ghost of Kurosawa are not only great samurai’s but they’re also amazing break dancers 😉
Ghost of Kurosawa, og black, white

Based on the wildly popular The Ghost of Kurosawa design by Quiccs x Flabslab this fully realized figure by Devil Toys stands about 12 inches tall, is fully articulated, and features a custom tailored costume. Ghost of Kurosawa comes equipped with a samurai style mask and can be armed with a pair of blades, a multitude of throwing knives and as an added bonus the Sword of Ghost. ~Quiccs Maiquez

Ghost of Kurosawa, Og Black
Artist-Proof Edition is only limited to 20 Units each (OG Black and Ghost White Editions). Each figure is signed and numbered individually by the artist, Quiccs and the come with a limited edition print.
Ghost of Kurosawa white
Product Features
• 11.80 inches (30cm)
• Made of plastic and fabric
• Based on the popular Quiccs x Flabslab designer figure
• Fully artuclated
• Bonus Sword of Ghost
Ghost of Kurosawa og black kit
Box Contents
• Packaging Box (Signed by Quiccs)
• Ghost of Kurosawa figure (Signed by Quiccs)
• Limited Edition Art Print (Signed by Quiccs)
• 2 Pair of hands
• 2 Bladed weapons
• Sword of ghost
• 2 Splay cans
• 6 Throwing knives

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