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Adidas Superstar , White Mountaineering Knit Upper Edition (5 Photos)

Japanese outdoors White Mountaineering does an interesting and unique take on the classic Adidas Superstar sneakers. The latest collaboration between the two brands constructs the Superstars with a textured Primeknit upper. There are two versions of the model available, a muted one and a bold one.

The bold, colorful model is a love it or hate it……and wind up loving it because it’s pretty cool…flavor. It features a light grey upper with the 3 stripes in 3 different, vibrant colors. There’s also a orange line pattern on the front and mid sides of the kicks. The shell toe section is all white, the laces match the light grey upper and the heel is done up nice with white, orange stripes running along the white lining leading to the all white midsoles. There’s also a Adidas logo in the center of the heel for a nice added touch. These kicks are definitely for the grown, stylish folks who are actually kids at heart .

The muted verson comes in a darker Grey colorway with light grey three stripes. The toe caps, heel, midesole and sole are all white. It’s hard to see but the new line pattern located on the front and mid sides of the kicks are still there but they’re almost unnoticeable in a matching dark grey. This iteration of the kicks are hella smooth!!

You can get your feet in a the Adidas/ White Mountaineering Superstars on HBX for $180 big ones USD.
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