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Darlene Ortiz on Thermal Soundwaves (@DarleneOGOrtiz)

Big shout out to our folks the Radio Boys (C.Truth & Kev Lawrence) at Thermal Soundwaves on their interview with the legendary Darlene Ortiz and Paul Stewart. Check out the interview!

Most may know Darlene Ortiz from her Ice T album covers but with her latest memoir Defintion of Down she details her life before that, her world as a B-girl, being part of the club scene that ushered in Hip Hop on the west coast, turning down the Pump it up that went to Dee Barnes, supporting single fathers, yes the Ice T years as well, and much more… ~C.Truth

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) got an in studio visit from B-girl, host, writer, PT trainer Darlene Ortiz (@DarleneOGOrtiz) as well music vet/publisher Paul Stewart (@paulstewart1). Darlene was frank about: her life with Ice T, uprocking in heels, hosting her own radio show, going to prom with her 1st black boyfriend at NBA great Reggie Miller’s high school, the infamous Radiotron club, the upcoming audiobook, the relationship between herself and Coco (Ice T’s wife), possible film option for her memoir Definition of Down, why she turned down the offer for “Pump it up” that later went to Dee Barnes, how the infamous Power album cover came about, her grandmother’s comments on the album cover, the book agents that wanted her to be grimy, why she never said anything shady about Ice T, the entrepreneur/all around man her son turned out to be, meeting Paul at Water the Bush, and so much more. Paul gave a short taste of his entertainment background discovering: The Pharcyde, Warren G, Coolio, Montell Jordan, House of Pain, working on Hustle and Flow, Dear White People, Fast & Furious 2, the Issa Rae show “Insecure.” Give your ears some entertainment. Then log on to: for what’s to come in the future. Tweet: @thermalsoundwav

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