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Sugar Cayne BMX Frame PRO XXL 24″ (Anniversary Edition)

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2018 marked the 10 year anniversary of So we decided to design a 24″ BMX frame to commemorate the anniversary!

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Product description

The Sugar Cayne BMX Frame Pro 24″ celebrates the 10 year anniversary of!

2018 marked the 10 year anniversary of It was also the 10 year anniversary of my return to BMX Racing. Back in 2008 I decided to change the focus of the website and cable access series from just covering comedy, parodies and the underground HipHop culture. I also wanted to start featuring comic book culture and BMX Racing.

The original tagline for was “HipHop-BMX-Comics-Life” which eventually evolved to “BMX HipHop And Other Dope Treats”.

CAC-TV to SugarCayne:

A while back I wanted to make it easier for people to be able search for the site so I changed the name of the website from CAC-TV to SUgar Cayne was the name of my music production company and my nickname.

The Frame Idea:

In commemoration of the 10 year anniversary I wanted to do something special and make a limited edition BMX frame. I designed the frame to reflect my style of riding which encompasses pretty much every aspect of the sport.

The frame is made out of 6061 aluminum T-6. Top tube and down tube are triple butted. Black and yellow colorway represents the colors of the website. I also wanted to use big sized tubing on the down tube and top tube not only for strength but to also for some future Ideas I have for the frame.

I kept the rear end relatively short at 14.75 giving the bike a  comfortable feel on the track, street and trails. Also since I like to jump curbs and do bunny hops, the rear end is short enough where I won’t be braking my back trying to do them 😉

The Graphics:

The artwork ware inspired by the color scheme of the website over the years. Back when it was, the site had a black background with yellow text and sub backgrounds. I eventually went with a white background for the later iterations of the site but kept the black and yellow in there. On the front side of the top tube I put CACTV there to represent the website’s origins. CAC-TV is short for Crazy Al Cayne TV. CAC-TV was the name of my cable access show where I featured HipHop, BMX, comic book culture and comedy.

The show aired weekly in Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn and parts of New Jersey. was the official website for the show.  Eventually I transitioned everything to the website and Youtube Channel. You’ll see on the seat stays on the frame BMX-HIPHOP-LIFE, which is the current tag line of the website. There’s also the tag line “Just Ride” on the seat tube. “Just Ride” is the motto I live by. It doesn’t matter if your the world’s top rider or a newbie, I’m just hype on people just riding and trying out BMX and all off road cycling disciplines.

I’m only doing a super limited run of these frames in the anniversary colors. Ten in 20″ and ten in 24″ sizes for now. Ten frames to represent the 10 year anniversary. I may expand the line and make a Jr, expert, DJ and 29ner sizes.” ~“Crazy” Al Cayne Founder of CAC-TV/

Additional information

Top Tube


Chain Stay


Bottom Bracket Height


Head Tube Angle


Headtube Size

Tapered – 1-1/8 (Top), 1.5(bottom)


Black/Tangerine Yellow



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