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Boondocks Trails Are Looking Sick #BMX (243 Photos)

Boondock Trails

Boondock Trails
On my way back from Shoreham yesterday I stopped by the Boondocks Trails to do a little riding and give out some fliers for the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest. This spot is always fun to go to. It’s always a mini OG Long Island BMX reunion when I’m there. I ran into my long time riding buddies and friends Chris, Keith and Mike, It’s always good to see the homies.  The jumps at Boondocks are a work of art and they’re huge.  The place has crazy different lines and only about 50% of the spot was open. They made a few cool changes to the pump track area too and it’s lots of fun to ride (You know that’s where I was riding lol). Boonies is at a secret location so check out the photos below to see what your missing 🙂

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