slzhi, someone as real as her
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“Someone As Real As Her” Elzhi feat. Dwele

I love this joint right here! I came across this song when I was doing a Myspace search for Elzhi(Slum Village). There were about 5 bootleg Elzhi Myspace pages lol but one of them had this song on there. I been playing it everyday since then. I looked around on Youtube to see if there was an Official video but the only thing I could find was this one posted by LuigiBoVer2. This song was off a EP called “The Breakfast Club” with Elzhi or the ‘Out Of Focus’ – EPDwele and Lacks.

After some more research I found a site that has the mp3 download link (CLICK HERE to goto download  page)

Elzhi, someone as real as her

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