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VIDEO:Keep Shining By Shad K

I’m loving this song, Shad Gives Big Props to the real Women out the holding it down. SALUTE!!!!!!

If ya’ll don’t know about Shad K how the eff can you call yourself a HipHop Head??? This kat makes some of the best HipHop songs and he’s from Canada! I did some HipHop trivia with him last year and he got more questions right than most of the American MC’s that I did trivia with(Video Comig soon).

Song: Shining

Artist: Shad K!/shadkmusic

Diector:Sarah Michelle Brown

Below is a message from the director, Michelle Brown:

Note from the Director:
To me, the “Keep Shining” video is an ode to the strong and often under-appreciated spirits of women. This video was designed as a candid and thought/emotion-provoking concept. My goals were to create a candid and uplifting experience that featured a wide diversity of women and girls and to also unearth what I felt lay beneath the lyrics: A call to claim one’s voice. Early on, I realized a key to this concept: Shad barely appears in the video. The ladies own the lyrics. For me, it’s as if Shad is saying “take it, own it, your voice belongs to you.” It was my intention to show strength, vulnerability, joy, catharsis and reclamation of the spirit of all those who appeared in these 3 minutes and 44 seconds. My hope is that it will speak to women, girls, men and boys and everything in between. Let’s all “Keep Shining”.

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