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T-Pain Sings Soulfully WITHOUT AUTOTUNE!!! (Music Video)


As I was searching for new videos to post to CAC-TV.com, I came a across this T-Pain video “Never Leave Her”. Now I wasn’t even gonna check it out because ..well… it’s T-Pain… but my spidey sense told me to check it out because T-Pain has been known to surprise me hear and there. After about a min and a half of skit setup ¬†the song came on and BAM….T Effin Pain stars singing without his Autotune??….and he sounds good???.. Oh Shit!! So that’s what he’s been doing taking singing lessons lol, I ain’t at mad at T-Pain, he must have been hanging with Aloe Blacc and listening to Al Green records or somthing lol. I gotta give T-pain props for this tune 4sho!!! So is it safe to say Autotune is dead now?? is it over?? please let it be over!!!! Somebody send Drake and all the carbon copy autotune rappers and singers the memo ASAP!!!!

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