Beats Vol. 1 By B.DURAZZO (@bdurazzomusic) #HipHop

I came across this dope Beat Tape produced by Oakland’s own B.Durazzo! Dude is nice with the production, he’s got some interesting sounds and doe melodies 4sho! His ear for samples is on point too and I like the way puts together his sounds. There one beat that I just can’t stop playing, track 15 “Tomorrow”, I just puts me in a good space when I hear it, real mellow and chill. Most of his beats kinda puts you in a trance which is good, I like when beats can pull a soulful emotion out of me or take me to a different time and place. Other stand out beats on this joint is track 6 “Lucidity Flows”, the uptempo vibe of track 7 “Ancient Astronauts ” and track 10 “Lullaby” is Sick! There are other joints on there I like too, take a listen and let me know which ones your feeling.

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Zane Matthew, crazy al cayne

Zane Matthew (@ZaneMATTHEW)