tawk Tomahawk, album

Albums: Tawk Tomahawk by Hiatus Kaiyote (@HiatusKaiyote)

tawk Tomahawk, album

After digging through a bunch of wack as music(Mostly HipHop) I came across this really dope and different R&B, Soul, Electronic album called Tawk Tomahawk by Hiatus Kaiyote. Hiatus Kaiyote are a independent future soul group based in Melbourne, Australia. They Formed in mid-2011 and TAWK TOMAHAWK is their debut release. This album has a really dope vibe to it, I love the sounds and the quality of the mixes. I like the way their music takes some unexpected turns like in track #1 “Mobius Streak”..That bridge/hook is so ill and a total contrast to the main vibe of the song but they made it work so dope. My favorite joint is “Sphynx Gate”, the vibe on that joint is so on point my 2nd fav is “Nakamarra”, it’s a nice R$B soul track. There are a lot more interesting things that goes on in this album and it gets pretty crazy, you just have to check it out.  Below you can check out the whole album, leave a comment and tell what you think, which songs you like etc.

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