xtreme hobbies, custom remote control car

Xtreme Hobbies, Custom R/C Cars

John from Xtreme Hobbies told me about the store and showed me some of the custom R/C cars that he had on display at the Gold Coast Concours/Bimmerstock event in Glen Cove, LI. Xtreme Hobbies makes some really dope custom R/C’s and they make em look just like real cars! Below is a lil more info on Xtreme Hobbies

Xtreme Hobbies is the place to go for all your hobby needs, we have all the parts and equipment you need to keep your R/C car, Plane, Helicopter, or Train dialed in! Our staff’s knowledge comes from years of R/C racing as well as the sales floor, so you can trust the advice you get from Xtreme Hobbies!! Xtreme Hobbies is capable of making your R/C car stand out from the rest. With onsite custom air brushing you can have those flames graphics you’ve always wanted! Maybe you’re looking to get motor work or fine tune your suspension? Xtreme Hobbies can do it all! Call or stop in to see what we can do for you!

xtreme hobbies, custom remote control car

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