buckshot, 9th wonder, duck down
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@9thWonderMusic & Buckshot ‘The Solution’ Track List #HipHop

buckshot, 9th wonder, duck down
New heat, 9th Wonder & Buckshot collaborate for their third album ‘The Solution’ available at all major retailers such as iTunes.
You know this is gonna be a banger, you can’t go wrong with a combo like that! Now I just need to get Buckshot on #SpittinInDaWIp, stay tuned for that, I’m gonna get that done 4sho!

1) The Big Bang
2) What I Gotta Say [Click to Listen]
3) Stop Rapping [Click to Listen]
4) Crazy
5) The Feeling
6) SAM
7) Pat Em Down
8) Keep It Going
9) The Change Up [Watch the Video]
10) Shorty Left (Feat. Rapsody) [Watch the Video]
11) You (feat. DyMe-A-DuZin) [Watch the Behind the Scenes]
12) The Solution

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