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Canadian emcee TRA (The Rhyme Animal) dropped a banger called “WeakSauce”. TRA goes in on all the wack “WeakSauce” rappers and wack hiphop supports on this Phat Tony produced beat! Below is a quick description of the videos and the artist via The Sars Network:

The SARS Network Presents, TRA Tha Rhyme Animal, One of the elite emcees from the underground scene in Toronto, Ont. Being born and raised on Hip Hop music from the influence of his older brother, TRA developed his skills and matured from “Battle Rapper” to full blown Artist, A Sick Artists Runnin Shit!

TRA has just released his Debut Album “Blunt Trauma” December 19th , 2012 and in such a short time the CD has received rave reviews for being a solid, well put together project. With classic hits such as “The Realness” & “YYZ High”, TRA is now ready to take his project to the next level and hit them with “WeakSauce”.

In this video, TRA explains what really bothers him within the industry and the rap game and found an appropriate expression to sum it all up, “They’re WEAKSAUCE”. TRA & Friends try to avoid the stench of WeakSauce as its being prepared by the WeakSauce Coalition, A displeasing smell that can be sensed from miles away. TRA addresses the Coalition very ‘Blunt’, More appropriately, leaving them with “Blunt Trauma”. This song was produced by Phat Tony and visuals brought to you by Lyme Lyte Video.

tra, the rhyme animal, weaksauce

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