Snow Cycle

The Snow Cycle Is Pretty Dope!

Snow Cycle
I found another dope winter time cycling alternative for you BMXers and MTBers, it’c called the Snow Cycle and its a sit down full ski bike for hittin the slope! It’s pretty dope but it doesn’t look like you can do to many tricks on it. Nothing beats that company that makes those sleds for your BMX or MTB bike but I still wanna try the Snow Cycle out 4sho!Peep the description below!

Designed in Oberndorf, Austria, this is the snow bicycle that set the Guinness World Record for the longest vertical drop of 107,400′ in 11 hours. The latest version of the “sit-ski,” first invented in 1949 by Engelbert Brenter, its in-line, twin-skis and powder-coated steel frame endured 62 consecutive descents that reached a top speed of 66 mph. The cycle’s patented front elastomer/spring suspension assists riders in initiating turns with the front ski, controlled with an adjustable t-bar steering column, while the trailing ski’s tip is held in-line with the steering fork’s stem, enabling riders to execute masterful turns in powder as well as groomed snow. The padded saddle’s integrated leaf spring cushions the ride while traversing moguls, assisting turns. Adjustable-binding, 22″ L x 3 1/4″ W skis (worn with either alpine ski boots or snowboarding boots) provide stability during glides and turns. The frame’s galvanized coating withstands the battering of snow, ice, and meltwater. 77″ L x 24″ W x 30 1/2″ H. (38 lbs.)

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