eastern hydro-formed dropouts

Eastern Bikes(@easternbikes) New Hydro-Formed Loop Tail #BMX

eastern hydro-formed dropouts
The talented builders over at Eastern Bikes just released some early photos of a new Hydro-Formed looptail dropout design that their working on for a future frame, peep the press release:

“At Eastern Bikes, we are always looking for ways to improve our quality and introduce new and innovative ideas.

One of the things we are going to start doing, is showing you our process from the beginning, through testing and then finally the finished product. You will soon be seeing new Eastern product with the E3 logo. What this means is that it was made with the finest manufacturing and tested fully before it is ever released to the public. If it doesn’t pass the testing, it doesn’t get released. We want to make sure that you get the best possible product you can buy for your BMX bike. Below is one of the new products that we are currently in the process of getting samples for…

This is a new seat and chain stay junction that we have been developing for a while and wanted to give everyone a look. What we want to do is alleviate all the welds on the drop out similar to the Paradigm fork that are currently being tested. This gives you a clean, sleek look with a drop out that can take some abuse and still not be too heavy.”

This new retro BMX movement is really starting to grow and with companies like SE continuing to build some great retro looptails, Standard’s limited custom looptails and now Eastern’s Hydro-Formed Looptail, it’s safe to say the looptails are coming back!!

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