Mike Tyson Custom Dunny

Mike “Pingeon Fancier” Tyson Custom Toy from WuzOne

Mike Tyson Custom Dunny
On my daily search for dope, hip, toys to share with ya’ll, I came across this cool custom called Mike “Pingeon Fancier” Tyson! It’s a commissioned piece that toy maker/artist WuzOne did for an englishman who is a boxing fan. The custom is a 3″ dunny 100% hand painted using spray paint, markers, acrylics, super sculpey and matt varnish. Peep the description WuzOne had for it

“Born and raised in the jungle of Brownsville, Brooklyn, Mike Tyson is a avowed lover of pigeons.”

It’s a one of a kind but maybe you can convince WuzOne to make one for you for the right price!
Spotted on toysrevil.blogspot


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