So There’s A Live Action Version Of G-Force Coming Out Called GATCHAMAN

One of the best thing about growing up int he 80’s were the great cartoons that we use to watch. Back then we didn’t differentiate between Anime and Cartoons, they were all the same to us even though the Anime’s had a unique and dope style of their own. Anyways one of my favorite cartoons back in the day was the “G-Force”,
g-force, cartoon

it was “thee” cartoon for me when it use to come on but I haven’t seen it since. Then I’m browsing through the web and I see this trailer for a move called GATCHMAN which is a new live action film coming out in Japan and I instantly thought how the characters look similar to the characters from that G-Force cartoon I use to watch. Then I saw the poster with the big G on it and I was like “This has to be G-Force” but their calling it Gatchman?…..but Gatchman does start with the letter G..(lol) so I had to do a little research to make sure I wasn’t trippin and low and behold Gatchamn is G-Force…actually GATCHAMAN is the original.
According to Wikipedia:

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (科学忍者隊ガッチャマン Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman?) is a five-member superhero team that is composed of the main characters in several anime created by Tatsuo Yoshida and originally produced in Japan by Tatsunoko Productions and later adapted into several English-language versions. It is also known by the abbreviated name Gatchaman.
The original series, produced in 1972, was eponymously named Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman and is most well known to the English-speaking world as the adaptation titled Battle of the Planets. The title is unofficially called G-Force (not to be confused with the subsequent 1980s English-language adaptation of Gatchaman, known as G-Force: Guardians of Space).

Below is the trailer, sorry ya’ll no subtitles but it looks pretty dope!

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