Dave Chappelle coming back to stand up

Dave Chappelle Comes Back To Standup At Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival

Dave Chappelle coming back to stand up
I read an article on the NY Times website about the now legendary comedian Dave Chappelle making his official come back to Stand Up comedy at the Funny Or Die, Oddball Comedy And Curiosity Festival! How dope is that!?!?!? I already know his set is gonna be off the chain! I haven’t watched stand up comedy in so long have a reason. I love Dave’s approach to comedy, it’s intelligent, insightful, crazy funny and not coonish which is refreshing! And speaking of comedy, I really need to get back on my comedy grind again, it’s been a minuet since I dropped a parody or performed a parody set at a comedy club…..anyways Big up to Dave for getting back into the game!
funny or die odd ball dave chappelle

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