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Lou “Come On Home” Directed by Crazy Al Cayne #HipHop

I got commissioned to direct the latest music video for Lou AKA Lou From Queens single “Come On Home” which is off his “Devil In The Clouds” EP with producer Maze Rockwell. We shot this video in Flushing Meadow Park in Queens on one of the Hottest and humid days of the summer but I really like the way it came out. I felt that doing the video in black & White really captured the vibe of the subject matter in the song.
If you’d like to get your music video shot by us contact us at info@sugarcayne.com
Here’s waht Lou had to say about “Come On Home”

“This song is about my my life. Things I’ve went through in the past and all the adversity and obstacles I had to face and overcome to get to where I am today. Me going through a huge transformation in my life and never giving up no matter how bumpy the road got. This song is about a conversion from darkness to happiness” ~Lou

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verse 1: At 17 I was stuck a while from choosing paths / people judging from stories heard but knowing half / I followed my heart / stepped away from society to continue what I took as my art / grinding was trynna make it home / never following steps wont step inside of the shoes of others I had my own / I’m still climbing up / trynna get to that place but hard to keep straight with mad pain bottled up / phonies they all around is what my father told me / so all of these roads that I walked was dark and lonely / tearing was all a lie when I said I’m fine / from these knives I was taking stabs right through the spine / falling into these traps that they had for me / they might have gave it they best but couldn’t shatter me / things I was able to gain / learned a lot from my past life as I walk through this journey of pain backwards

verse2: I saw the mic and I felt alive she gave me life / wrote her a couple of rhymes then I made her my wife / was gifted but I was told that I was weak and dumb / but now they feen to know where I got my talent from / put my trust in the wrong people / so many demon and snakes surrounding my space that you could feel the evil / the spirits came after that / they guided me through the worst of times when nobody else had my back / and punches I seen them come but I would never dodge / they even tried to take my life but I never obliged / It was no point of being heard cuz they never listened / family drama in my house that I was tired of fixing / so I walked away / put my back to they face and left them there aint give a f**k what they had to say / praying to the lord hope I get a sign / I just wanna see home before I’m outta time soon

verse3: The angel told me to make a path no turning back / but it was confidence in myself that I would lack / but overtime I grew strong / fighting back when they throwing blows that’s when a different person was born / lashing balling up all of my pain / still alive but these knife scars was getting pretty close to my vein / It’s like a force was pulling me down / but I managed to stay afloat I never planned to fall to the ground / I was lost and angry people forced to play me / asking God as I look at the holy cross to save me / waiting for a message / looking up to the clouds hoping he comes down to kill these demons in my presence / falling but on the real I think the devil stalking / so many voices in my ears that do a lot of talking / darkness is what I feel and the s**t is sad / but I just hope to move on to what I never had happiness

lou come on home

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