zulu glow bike

Pure Fix (@PFCycles) Glow Bikes.. Yes They Glow In The Dark

zulu glow bike

The creative team at Pure Fix bikes made a line of Glow Bikes for some night riding dopness!  It’s not just a bike with a glow stick added to it, Pure Fix made the entire frame and wheels glow in the dark, it looks pretty dope! Besides making a glow bike what I really like about Pure Fix bikes is they come with a flipflop hub for single speeders like myself. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one of these bike 4sho! Peep the official description below:

Get ready to take your night riding to a whole new level. After months of experimentation, we’ve perfected the GLOW, our newest line. The name says it all, it actually glows. The paint is solar-activated, so just give your bike an hour of daytime sun for an hour plus of night-time fun. Whether you’re a night owl, a raver, or just want to trip out your friends, this is the bike for you.

Find out more about the Pure Fix Glow Bikes here

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