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Bike Culture – BMX Racing – Global Cycling Network (@gcntweet)

Super skilled pro MTB Trials rider Martyn Ashton (@MartynAshton) did a cool segment on BMX racing for a series called “Bike Culture” for Global Cycling Network. Martyn went to the awesome track in Manchester and walked us through the track and what it takes to get through it. They also gave us look at what a BMX bike looks like, the gear rider wear for racing and some cool info about the track design and race format. It was a really cool informative video for people that are interested in racing BMX. What I really wanted to see was Martyn getting busy on his trial bike on the course, that would’ve been sick.

Martyn Ashton went to take a look at BMX racing at the Manchester round of the World Cup, to see what it’s all about. In a word, impressive.

We take a look behind the scenes at the culture of BMX racing. Martyn, with a bit of help from Blake Samson, first give their insight into the demands of the track itself.

We also look at the bike, the kit and the athletes behind this incredible branch of cycle sport. It’s a far cry from the Tour de France, but as we see, some of these riders could give Andre Griepel a run for their money.

martyn ashton, bike culture, bmx

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