myke forte darker than black

Myke Forte (@MykeForte) – Darker Than Black – Jay Z Black Album Underground HipHop Remix (Explicit)

myke forte darker than black

If your like me you’ve probably been wanting to hear Jay-Z on an all underground hiphop album. You know strictly hard boom bap beats with Jay Z getting lyrical… eh.. not sure if that’s gonna happen anytime soon. But Supa dope UK producer Myke Forte did a underground HipHop re haul of Jay Z’s Black Album in honor of the 10 year anniversary of the Black Album release. I’m diggin the beats the Myke Forte crafted for this joint. Peep the official press release below:

I have never really attempted to do a remix album up until now. I always felt it was a corny way of trying to gain attention by latching onto high profile artists, hoping someone from the Record Label would sign you or something! But I guess I have a reason to create one at this moment in time, 10 years after the release of ONE of the greatest albums I have ever owned “The Black Album” by Jay-Z.

I thought about creating this Remix Project Titled “Darker Than Black” about two years ago when I was thinking about all the CD’s I used to own that had got stolen and I remembered this from the list amongst many others, when I first bought the album on CD. The inspiration came to me when I recalled a conversation about the film “Fade To Black” with a few bredrins at during work. We were like hyped as F**k man! The way the documentary was filmed and the processes taken making the original album had got me excited.

When I realised that the Black Album was coming up to ten years, and Wu-Tang Clan’s Album “36 Chambers” at 20 years that same month (Which was the first album I bought on tape) it made me realise how much Hip Hop Music has changed, and in some ways come right back around. I wanted to create this remix project Darker Than Black as a reminder to myself how much I love Hip Hop and being part of the culture while still enjoying it.

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