nemisis prime

Toys: The Loyal Subjects (@LoyalSubjects) – Nemesis Prime

nemisis prime
The Loyal Subjects has revealed their latest Transformer vinyl, Nemesis Prime!! The the infamous evil clone of the great autobot Optimus Prime. Nemesis Prime is fitted with a black, silver, and red exterior to give him menacing look. This cool vinyl toy is limited to 500 pcs and is available for $80 on the Loyal Subjects website
Incase you didn’t know:

NEMESIS PRIME – A monstrous Transformers sent to kil Autobots and Decepticons alike. It scanned the minds of the Transformers and took form of Optimus Prime, as he was the most respected and powerful in the Transformers minds. As a duplicate of Optimus Prime, Nemesis Prime has all of Prime’s power and strength, including the ability to reconstruct himself.

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