pure fixed how to build a freestyler

Watch How Many Times #BMX Get Mentioned In This Pure Fixed Video

I like Pure Fixed Cycles (@pfcycles) and not only do they make cool fixed gear bikes they also have a cool Youtube channel, Pure Fixed TV where they have edits, how to videos and more. I just watched their video on “How To Build A Freestyler” and loving they way they used a lot of BMX parts to build their fixed gear freestyler. I’ve never heard BMX mentioned as many times in a so called “Non BMX” video. See I always said if your doing tricks or riding your bike in the dirt It’s all BMX no matter what type of bike your riding, this proves my point :). I believe there’s a lot of cross collaborating that can be done within all aspects of cycling. I’ll be keeping my eyes on for more cool stuff like this.

pure fixed how to build a freestyler

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