iff the bacon escape

Beats: IFF -The Bacon Escape- Kayloo Remix (@darkerthanwax)

iff the bacon escape

French producer IFF (“I’m from Finland”) dropped a dope future soul beat EP called “The Bacon Escape”! This joint right here is a Kayloo remix to the title track and it’s a banger 4sho!

Just like bacon, the latest release by French producer IFF (“I’m from Finland”), is a delectable and fascinating phenomenon – an entity which will also predictably make its way around the internet soon.
Lest you think of “The Bacon Escape” as yet another banal troll (though it is definitely inspired by), there is a interesting and well-thought reasoning for the titled album, one that is symbiotic to his reason for music (each track has ‘bacon’ in its title).
In essence, music is to be as accessible, and enjoyed, as bacon.
“Music is universal, Bacon sure seems to be as well, so that’s what went on in my head when I wrote this piece.”
Now its gotten into ours – this 4 track EP with two additional remixes by rising producers Kayloo and Suede has a finesse, which grows on you. It has all the ingredients for easy listening – synth lines, bass swells and tight syncopation.
As he puts it himself – ” I make music for the soul, but if you don’t feel like you have one, it’s okay… You got ears”. Now dig in some hearty soul grub, “The Bacon Escape”.

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