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Watch Dave Chappelle’s Interview on David Letterman’

Super funny Dave Chappelle makes his first late-night appearance in six years on Late Night with David Letterman for an awesome interview! In the nearly 15-minute interview Dave and David cover a bunch of topic ranging from his kids, upcoming performances at Radio City Music Hall to his infamous walking away from his show on Comedy Central. I love how Letterman goes about asking Chappelle about how he felt about his decision to leave his show in retrospect and although Dave didn’t go into much detail you can pretty much see how conflicted Dave’s feelings are about it. Even when you know in your heart of hearts you made the right decisions in life, even when everyone else may think your crazy there’s always moments after that decision that brings up the thought of “What If”. I haven’t seen a good and entertaining interview like this in a while! Chappelle and Letterman are two legends!
FYI June 23rd Nas will be performing at Dave Chappelle’s show at Radio City, that’s gonna be Epic!
chappelle, letterman

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