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Chillafish BMXIE And Bunzi Balance Bikes (@chillafish)

It was good to see the Chillafish crew back at Toy Fair NY this year, the company has grown a lot since our last interview. Chillafish Product Development Director Seppe De Roeck was once again gracious enough to give us tour of the booth to check out what’s new for 2015. The first thing we checked out was their special custom limited edition Bunzi and BMXIE. The limited edition are a part of their “Fabulously Artistic Designs(F.A.D.)” series where they collaborate with an artist to make a custom design on the bikes.
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Another cool new product that Seppe let us check out is their new “BOX” modular storage, connectable toy storage and play system. “BOX is MODULAR and can be CONNECTED and RECONNECTED in 9.999 configurations, connecting each unit in every imagineable and practical way”.
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