hiphop storm

iLLustration: HipHop Storm by Shawn Alleyne (@shawnalleyneart)

hiphop storm
If your planning to go to the Wizard World Philly make sure you check out Shawn Alleyne’s booth where he’ll be debuting this awesome illustration of Marvel superhero “Storm” with that HipHop steeze! I love have Shawn made Storm represent that conscious era of HipHop, I also like how she’s rocking a natural. That’s wassup!!

Finished version of my hip-hop inspired Storm piece. This will be making it’s debut at the Philly Wizard con this Thursday, May 7th-Sunday May10th.
Also, I wrote a blog breaking down my thoughts on this piece and the symbolism behind it. Warning, it’s a lengthy one cause I had a LOT of stuff to get off my chest. Check it out here:

Find me here as well:
IG @Pyroglyphics1
T: @ShawnAlleyneArt

Colors by: Tommy Shelton

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