Action Mobil Off-Road RV, Super Mobil Homes

For all you adventurous folks out there who like to take the road (or Off-Road) less traveled but want to bring the kitchen sink along too, I introduce you to the Action Mobil Off-Road RV!!!! These massive motor homes let you explore far beyond just a dirt road these things are made to go anywhere. They’re built on 2, 3, or 4 axles frame and offer a relly wide variety of features like motorcycle lifts, multiple sleeping areas, fully-functional kitchens…. with espresso machines no less lol, pop outs for both the sides and roof, and so much more. You already know these RV’s are super expensive but if you have the bread for one you’ll be chill through any zombie apocalypse, WW3 or whatever!!
Find out more about these colossal wips at action mobile 1 action mobile 2 action mobile 3

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