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L’Orange & Kool Keith Time? Astonishing​.​.​. Instrumentals

Mello Music Group just released and instrumental album from the L’Orange & Kool Keith album “Time? Astonishing​.​.​.”. The album is full of dope boom bap experimental gems that will make you want to pull out that pen and pad. Some of ya’ll might wanna go a long drive to these joints or add them to your latest video edits…. and these beats are definitely great for weed heads to vibe out to 😉

This is the type of HipHop beats we like to hear, fresh, dirty, boom bap and sample heavy. L’Orange did his thing with these joints!

Departing from the familiar noir sound that L’Orange has developed, his collaboration with legendary MC Kool Keith breaks new ground into the surreal and futuristic. Creating lush and odd textures, L’Orange finds a new design in a hybrid sound of old time radio and 70s experimental music.~Mello Music Group

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