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KRS-One Raps About Starting America Over (@IAmKRSOne)

Blast Master KRS-One recently dropped a sick album called “Now Hear This”! The album is full of neck cracking boom bap HipHop. Not only that, KRS is dropping crazy jewels, knowledge and edutainment on this album. This is the type of HipHop we’ve been waiting for, in your face real bars to open your mind and uplift!! We think this album is definitely one of his best works.

One of our favorite cuts on the album is called “From The Beginning”. On this joint KRS talks about the only way America can fix it’s problems is by starting all over and doing it right this time.  You NEED to hear the lyrics on this one 4sho!!! Dopeness!!! That banging beat was nicely crafted by MK Zoo.


About KRS-ONE & “Now Hear This”
Every culture produces its own “keeper”. Every culture produces its own principles, its own history, its own advocates, and its own prophet pointing the way to that higher quality of life. For the urban-street culture known in the world today as “Hip Hop”, KRS-One is all of the above. His latest project, Now Hear This available November 24th 2015, was created while KRS-One was touring the U.S., the U.K. and Europe. “Everywhere I go, from big festival stages to intimate clubs and bars, people want that boom-bap” says KRS-One. “But still, even though the streets are crying-out for more depth and authenticity in Hip Hop, very few rappers today are willing to actually deliver”.
krs one from the beginning

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