Brooklyn Bike Park, Snow Day

A day after the big blizzard of 2016 we all went out to Brooklyn Bike Park to try and session it. There was a retarded amount of snow covering the whole park and by time we got there Seth Freedman had a small crew of guys helping him to clear out the oval section of the pump track. On the big side of the track a few snowboarders tried to get the long rhythm section main line running. The snow was way too deep to try to ride a bike on it especially in the berm sections which were filled to the top with snow.

We did however get a little BMX/Skate session on the oval pump track once we got rid of the ice and extra snow and the snowboarders had a little session and almost made it to the next berm, it was fun.

Next up, we’ll be working on digging out the whole track to get it ride-able for this coming weekend. We’re planning on doing round #4 of the SCBF Winter Series on Sunday Jan 31st

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