malikah warrior queen

Malikah: Warrior Queen, E.X.O. Kickstarter Bonus

Roye Okupe, creator of the popular sci-fi superhero comic/graphic novel “E.X.O. – The Legend of Wale Williams”. He recently started a Kickstarter for E.X.O. and wound up reaching his goal in just one day.

As an added bonus, if Roye reaches his stretch goals of his Kickstarter, everyone who supported will receive a copy of his Malikah: Warrior Queen comic.

About “Malikah: Warrior Queen”
Set in fifteenth century Nigeria, Malikah: Warrior Queen follows the exploits of Queen and military commander Malikah, who struggles to keep the peace in her ever expanding kingdom. The story takes place in the same universe (The YouNeek YouNiverse) as the E.X.O. series, roughly 500 years before the events of Lagoon City.

Find out more about Malikah and E.X.O. HERE

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