Syze One Blends HipHop And R&B Beats To SIA Vocals

DJ/Producer Syze One of the Lightsleepers crew put together some dope blends between of popular Pop singer SIA with some HipHop and R&B instrumentals in “SIA Leaks”. We’re diggin how these joints came out.

About SIA Leaks:
“This project came out of watching videos on Youtube. Ive been so long out of the loop of pop and radio music, and i didnt know who most of the recent “mega” stars were. I noticed a LOT of the stuff that usually gets deemed as Pop music, had a lot of the same sounds, (I.e., drum(s) machines, keyboard, melodies, and the whole nine), well, at least to my ears they did. Being a DJ first, and subsequently a beat-maker, I wanted to take those pop-songs and give them a harder edge. I noticed that I had amassed a nice amount of vocals by SiA, (whom like I mentioned above, had no idea who she was). She’s been around since the 90’s, and I’ve only discovered her this year, and upon perusing both her written and performed catalog, she quickly gained a new fan. This “LEAK” is just a sampling of the whole project, “SiA BLENDS”, (a project that has culminated into something pretty special) that I, with the help of the Lightsleepers ohana will unveil Very soon! Stay tuned for the official release info!”
– Syze One aka BlenKingzly

01. DITChandelier (Miss Those Days-Buckwild)
02. Alive (All That You Are) (Foreign Exchange)
03. Captivatium (Evil Needle-Captivating)
04. FootPrints Of Discipline (GangStarr-Discipline)
05. Lullabyrd Set Free (Evil Needle-Lullabye)

What’s really dope about this project is Syze One picks SIA Songs with with similar titles to the beats their blended with. Mad Props for that!!!

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