ellipse-smart bike-lock

Ellipse – Smart Bike Lock -, It sends Alerts When Tampered With

The Ellipse Smart Bike lock is pretty. It’s a bicycle lock that keeps your bike secure without the need for keys…..it unlocks over Bluetooth when your phone is in range, or by it’s a hidden touchpad. There’s also a built-in accelerometer that can send you alerts if your bike is disturbed plus it’ll alert others if you crash. Its range is up to 800ft (243m), which can reach more than three city blocks. You can adjust the alert sensitivity if you like and you can also toggle the feature on and off.

The Ellipse has a built-in solar panel that keeps the battery charged up. There’s a dual locking mechanism on each side of the device which provides the last leg of security. A thief would have to cut through the 17mm thick steel bar twice to jack your bike.

Pretty dope but at $200 the thieves might cut through your bike to take the lock 😉

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