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MU Spacebot A.I. Robotic Toy Kit

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) Toy Robots were seen at more booths at this year’s Toy Fair NY and I came across a really cool bot named MU Spacebot. MU is a A.I. robot created by Morpx that you build from scratch with its kit of 59 parts. Once MU is all built up it can talk ,follow and even play hide and seek with you using advanced vision AI technology. You can also design your own Spacebot voice by using the MUBot APP.

Also with the Mubot App you can program Spacebot via MU–Blocky, a visual programming interface that help children pick up coding skill and see it working on the robot immediately. Pretty cool!!

I got kick it with Morpx CEO/Co Founder Tianli Yu about MU Spacebot and gave me a quick demo in this video.
For more information about MU Spacebot visit

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