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Top Black Panther Toys We Found At Toy Fair NY

At This Year’s Toy Fair NY were on a mission to find all the Black Panther Toys and merchandise that will be coming out. We knew One section of the massive event that would have to the most Black Panther goodies would be the action figure section . There were pieces from Storm Collectibles, Beast Kingdom Toys, Square Enix, Hasbro, Podz/Kotobukiya, Funko Pop, Dorbz, Hero Plushies, Domez, Entertainment Earth, ARTFX/Kotobukiya, Bif Bang Pow and The Tin Box Company. We also found some really cool inflatable plushies by DGL Toys. Below are photos of the awesome pieces we found.

ARTFX/Kotobukiya Black Panther Statue

BEAST KINGDOM: Captain America Civil War Black Panther

BEAST KINGDOM: Captain America Civil War (EA-028) Black Panther Action Figure

MARVEL Universe Variant Play Arts Kai “Black Panther” (Square Enix)

HASBRO Black Panther Light Up Mask

HASBRO Legends Series Black Panther


Comicave Studios Podz Miniature Figures: “Black Panther”

HASBRO: Black Panther & Shuri Figures

FUNKO POP Black Panther Collection

DORBZ Black Panther Vinyl Collection


Hero Plushies: Black Panther

DOMEZ: Black Panther Collectible Minis

PIN MATES: Black Panther Collection

More Hasbro Black Panther Goodies


Entertainment Earth: Black Panther Chair Cape

More Photos of the ARTFX Black Panther statue


IRON STUDIOS: Black Panther, Nakia & Okoye Vs Killmonger Diarama



DGL TOYS: Inflate-A-Mals Black Panther Plushies


The Tin Box Company: Black Panther Lunch Box

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