Red Bull Pump Track World Championship – Durban Qualifier

Red Bull Pump Track World Championship – Chile Qualifier Recap

The day after the Red Bull Pump Track World Championship qualifier event in Durban there was another one that went down in Ensenada, Chile! The series is really starting to pick up with 75 riders from across Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia all competing to get that free ticket to the finals. 500 spectators came out the Kotaix bike park to watch the rider shred the track and attempt to get the best timed results of the day. There was a good mix of MTBers and BMXers shredding the track and it was awesome. This is the way it should be having offroad cyclist of all types riding and vibing together.

Mens Results:
Bruno Lavagnino
1st place – Chile

Matias Musso
2nd place – Chile

Daniel Galleguillos Ojeda
3rd place – Chile

Ian Rojas
4th place – Chile

Women’s Results:
Renata Urrutia
1st place – Chile

Camila Nogueira
2nd place – Argentina

Pamela Moreno
3rd place – Chile

Constanza Rubio
4th place – Chile

View the full results HERE
There’s still time for you to register for the upcoming Red Bull Pump Track Word Championship Qualifer when they come to the states on May 19th (Oklahoma City) and May 26th (Levanworth, WA). CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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Red Bull Pump Track Durban Qualifier

Red Bull Pump Track World Championship – Durban Qualifier

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