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“Latitude” Chill Hop Instrumental By Thabang “LUA” Chukura

Johannesburg, South Africa producer/emcee Thabang “LUA” Chukura recently released a cool, Chill Hop instrumental EP called Latitude. The Ep features 7 joints to vibe out too but one of our favorite has to be the title track “Latitude”. It’s a mellow, jazzy bass and horn driven gem. The beat is so hypnotic and mellow it’ll definitely relax the soul. This IS HipHOp!

Press Release:
“After an almost 5 year hiatus, LUA returns with the unreleased, unmastered works of his his 2017 fourth Soul-Hop instrumental offering. Latitude follows in the vein of Souled Out, with its heavy jazz influence, and is a throwback to the ‘midnight music’ mood of The Late Night Service. Latitude is a 7 track EP, replete with LUA’s soulful and smooth signature.”

Check out more music by Lua on his Bandcamp Page

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