Syd – Instrumental Album by Moo Latte Is So Addictive

Copenhagen, Denmark producer/composer Moo Latte released this amazing HipHop-Soul instrumental album I’ve heard all year. This album made me an instant fan of this hella talented craftsman! You need to hear this, I love every track! The video above is just a sample of these awesome tracks, peep the album stream below.

About Syd:
“Syd” is the forth studio album composed by Polish producer Moo latte. The inspiration came from the contrast between his ethnic roots and his current place of residency.
The Central Africa which Moo Latte only remembers from tales and music played by his Congo born father in mixture with the Scandinavian culture and mentality that he was absorbing for the last 6 years of living in Denmark and Iceland created plenty of abstract pictures and structures in producer’s head.
Such a vision has been combined with a hiphop and jazz background of the musician and created a conceptual album in which the narrative is led by elements and musical motives that come from various African locations as well as the ones inspired by South American and Latin music. “Syd” contains sixteen related composition about music of the South.

moo latte music syd

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